Myths of Grief

There are at least 6 Common Myths about Grief

  • Stay Busy

  • Time heals all wounds

  • Replace the loss

  • Grieve alone

  • Be strong for others

  • Bury your feelings

When we are going through loss, our friends, family, and society have formed their own misconceptions about how to deal with grief. This is of no fault of theirs but it is due to what we have all learned, even as early as childhood. Due to years of miseducation related to grief these myths have hindered our own ability to move forward. For instance, staying busy does not help you deal with your grief because you are just putting it on hold until it comes back up again. Time doesn't heal the emotional wounds of grief because if you have not taken action those wounds are going to always be there while we continue with life in the belief that we have magically gotten better; only to find that we are carrying around unresolved grief. Replacing our losses with someone or something else only allows for you to hold on to that grief and bring it into a new relationship. I believe the concept of grieving alone is one of the most common myths. It is important to understand the power of isolation when you are grieving. In that, isolation causes uncertainty, shutting down, and removes all of your social support that you need to help you through this time. There is also the belief that you have to stay strong while you are grieving but all that does is prevent you from actually feeling, forces you to hide, and not take care of your emotional well-being Burying your feelings is the same thing as saying, "Don't feel bad". When we say this it is an indication that what you are feeling is not ok and that you shouldn't express those emotions which are valid.

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